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The history of Dacia Plant began in 2002 when Calin Ianta, passionate about Phytotherapy and the investor Radu Ionescu-Heroiu laid the foundation of the relevant business. The two of them had the vision of developing a business which would emphasize their phytotherapeutic knowledge for the good use of getting natural health. Dacia Plant belongs to that category of food supplement industry pioneers in Romania, being well renowned for the quality of its products and its innovative and genuine formulas.

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Our company is the fruit of our passion and love for nature, as well as of the admiration for healing plants, of the idea to support health in an efficient and natural manner. All these things have mixed together in order to place all of our knowledge and effort to the good use of the development of a high quality portfolio of food supplements, which should cover the modern man’s needs.
We’ve managed to successfully combine the Romanian traditional Phytotherapy with the most recent studies in the field, as well as our expertise in terms of innovation, so as to create products based upon unique and efficient recipes.
Equally inspired by both tradition and innovation, our mission is to turn people back to nature and to restore nature to people. Upon creating such food supplements, we put in our solutions the entire essence of nature for one optimum intake of nutritive substances, vitamins and minerals.


Natural health

We are convinced that being healthy is the actual natural state of man. It’s our intent that by our 100% natural products we shall restore the natural intelligence to the human body and we shall enable it to find again the real balance in terms of health. Medicinal plants stand for true miracles helping us maintain our physical and emotional health, and it’s because of it that we dedicate all of our passion to them.


We keep our traditions and get inspired by them, we look deep down into our nation’s heart and feed ourselves with its authentic values. We carefully and lovingly protect our Romanian traditions in all the latter’s forms of expression and we are proud of being part of a unique people.


We restore part of this nature to modern man. We’ve searched for and finally found the best, most efficient and available methods to do just this. Dacia Plant products are based upon genuine recipes and they make a perfect match to modern lifestyles. We’ve concentrated the essence of nature into innovating products, especially created for the people around us.


We wish to create valuable things. That’s why we have chosen valuable people, that put a lot of passion in what they’re doing and that work day by day for making such products in which there’s no room for compromise. We guide ourselves based on simple, yet essential values: love for people, trust in the healing power of medicinal plants, and the passion for what we’re doing.


Here in Dacia Plant, we have a strong creed: let’s keep our soul and mind clean and rediscover the wonders that nature gives us with so much generosity. We wish to remake the somehow forgotten connections with the nature around us and to live again in full harmony with the latter, to weave again the secret threads of life.



Natural products for general health and adequate functioning of various human body.


The first food supplements brand in Romania, especially created for men.


Unique blend of plants with hepatic cell regeneration and protection effect, stimulating the endogenous secretion of interferon.

Îngerașul (Little Angel)

Products for children, 100 % natural, free of any preservatives, colorants or additives.

Sublima (The Sublime)

Products especially created for women, based on genuine formulas, with vegetal phytoestrogens.

Experți în Plante (Plant Experts)

Products bearing the signature of well renowned specialists in the pharmaceutical field.


Highly detoxifying intestinal product based upon a complex of 15 medicinal plants and blue clay.


Innovating association of nine phyto - extracts with complex properties and proven effects in terms of lowering the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals made out of natural sources.

Bun de tot (So good)

Natural, sugar and chemicals free juices, nectars and jams.


Synergic combination of herbs and essential oils with an effective cough calming effect.


The first therapeutic creme brand from Dacia Plant. Prevention, treatment, effective care. Natural ingredients recipes. Paraben-free. No dyes. No artifficial flavours.

Product categories,
manufacturing departments
and the technologies, as used

Our company has 6 categories of products that we process within 5 distinct Manufacturing Departments. Our products are duly notified by the Institute for Food Bio – Resources within the Ministry of Agriculture in compliance with the Romanian legislation in force.


made within the Tablets Department

Tablets stand for our company’s core business and as a weight they stand for 50 % of Dacia plant value sales; we are market leaders among Romanian manufacturers, in terms of food supplements under the form of tablets in Romania. We use our own compressing procedures, duly enforced according to various repeatedly conducted researches and studies; we also possess a strong expertise that our competition is lacking. It’s quite di cult to compress plants, since they have a specific low density, particularly since we do not use any chemical ingredients to enable the compressing process. We stand out on the market and we are well renowned for the fact that we manage to put a higher active substance quantity in our tablets than our competition.

We are among the few that use compressing methods, most of our competition use encapsulating as their technique, since it’s much simpler. We have chosen to use this technology since we use as a compressing basis the natural cellulose, duly extracted from plants. The capsules used on the market are of animal origin, being made out of bone glue and the vegetal ones are highly expensive. Our vision is represented by not using any animal origin ingredients. The department has been built according to GMP standards, although the supplements industry in Romania does not require this particular standard, and yet this has been our option, namely to place our company at the highest possible standard. The equipment and machines that we use come from India, Romania, Italy and the Netherlands. The technologies we use as well as the equipment duly purchased have not been chosen randomly, instead the same have been especially chosen so as to be the most adequate and efficient in terms of developing a very strong compressing power.

Tinctures and gemoderivates

as made within the Tinctures Department

This particular category stands for 24% of our company business and it has undergone a constant increase within the recent years. We produce alcohol – based tinctures, alcohol free tinctures, tinctures made out of one single plant, tinctures made out of mixtures of plants and gemoderivates.

We possess high level expertise in the maceration of plants, we have developed our own methods both in terms of long – term maceration and in terms of fast maceration, we are leaders on this market segment in Romania and we are particularly well acknowledged for the quality of our products.

The majority of pharmacies preparing recipes that require tinctures make use of our own tinctures, and the main reason for that is the quantity of the active substance duly contained within. For instance, the propolis tincture we’ve got is by far the best on the market given the high concentration of polyphenols.


made within the Teas Department

Their weight is 12% of the overall business and they include two sub – categories, namely that of bulk teas and that of tea bags. We have quite a name on the market given the quality of our bulk teas and we provide our customers with two types of tea: tea made out of one single plant, or teas made out of mixtures of selected plants. Such selected mixtures may be therapeutic teas or large consumption teas. In terms of bulk teas we have two wrapping methods, one that is mechanized by means of a special device, and one that is manual, used for certain types of teas that require a more particular wrapping process and as related to which one shall check each manufactured tea box independently.


as made within the Syrups Department

The category of syrups stands for 9% of the overall company business and it has undergone quite a very good increase in the recent three years; in this particular department we have managed to get some relevant players in this category, in terms of coughing syrups. We use our own preparation recipes and we are renowned for the category of therapeutic syrups since we use fructose which is better assimilated by the human body than sugar.

For our syrups preparation we use our own tinctures and extracts that we produce under the Tinctures Department. All relevant devices and installations come from Romania, the production flow and the preparing method being also duly based on our own solutions.

Juices, nectars and jam

as made in the Food Department

This is a relatively new category in our portfolio, standing for 5 % of our turnover, and it’s only 3 years that we’ve been producing this category of products. Developing such business has come naturally, as a link between food supplements and food products.

We stand out on the market since we use grape juice as sweetener, and thus our products are 100% natural, we use no sugar or other such chemical ingredients whatsoever. The pasteurization process is stage based and on a long term basis which fact enables us to provide our clients with a higher validity term than our competition.

The benefits of
working with Dacia Plant

Dedicated and passionate team, well experienced in terms of production, purchases, products development, partnerships with well renowned scientists and universities, and the company is capable of achieving great things as well as to inspire.

The expertise in building a plant of phyto – therapeutic products from scratch (greenfield).

Experience in terms of marketing and sales on a market where we have been pioneers, by implementing an authentic working method in terms of clients by means of commercial representatives’ team.

Know how in the manufacture of food supplements, as acquired by the company’s self background, as well as from internal studies and researches duly corroborated with the scientific studies in the field.

Own plants base, phytotherapeutic research framework, internal plants processing.

Products obtained based on self recipes, which are also genuine, innovative and proven to be efficient.

A team of specialists in Phytotherapy, medicine and pharmacy, who are well trained, experienced and having innovating ideas.

Multiple forms of wrapping and administration, which cover most of the consumption requirements (tablets, tinctures, syrups, teas, therapeutic creams).

Multiple forms of wrapping and administration, which cover most of the consumption requirements (tablets, tinctures, syrups, teas, therapeutic creams).

The selection, processing, production, storage and then sale process regarding the relevant products stands only for a piece of the entire puzzle. We also possess the relevant know – how in terms of this process maintenance, and this is of highly importance in this particular industry.

We also possess the experience of developing special partnerships with:
- the processors and growers of plants so as to get high quality raw materials;
- prestigious institutions for the development of products on a partnership basis;
- associations of phyto-therapists for the joint support of various scientific works;
- various personalities from the Phytotherapy field, from whom we take over a series of innovating ideas;
- our partners by whom we distribute our products on the Romanian markets and abroad.

Last but not least, our company has the availability, financial resources, specialists and necessary knowledge to support a long term, complex and challenging project and to make long term investments.